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Valentine’s day failures

Valentine’s day has come and past… Valentine scrooges can breathe easier, Lovers can stop pretending and we can all get back to making fun of each other. The world is in order once again.

I’ve never understood why people would want to propose on Valentine’s day…Guess it’s a man’s way of killing two birds with one stone. For some however, a bended knee and a diamond is not enough.

This guy, well…. I’ll just let you watch for yourself .(fast fwd to 1:00 to skip all the bs) Wonder what he’ll do for their anniversary.

Poor girl has to spend her whole life watching him dance

If you were lonely this Valentine’s day, you can be happy you weren’t as desperate as this woman…

If you got a horrible gift this year, be happy your man or girl didn’t shop here…

I wonder if they have a two for one special?

In my opinion, the Asians got it right. They don’t waste their time chasing someone getting their hearts broken. They keep it real…(or unreal) Because we all know sailor moon doesn’t hog the covers

I’ll leave you with this…Valentine’s day is now the farthest holiday away, I shall name this day February 15th “Hate day”. You’ve put up with Valentine’s decorations since January, go out and make fun of something, or yourself for finishing that whole box of candy last night…


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