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Music MONDAY…a day late; featuring ‘Dutch’

It’s all been decided….roll out the red carpet….
This summer I will be an Intern at Clear Channel!

I’ll be working with a handful of radio stations promoting, programming and partying… (After all the hard work of course). It feels nice to finally see all the hard work of college to finally pay off. Not to mention working with a huge company with some nice perks ahead ( concerts/movie premieres/events ) & it doesn’t hurt my boss is a huge Miami Hurricanes fan.

While I was home I had the chance to watch this up & coming rapper who’s gonna do some big things to the music world.



Meet DUTCH, someone whose love is strong for music: Check him out here, remember where you heard it!

Download his mixtape for FREE @

tweet him @planetdutch tell him where ya heard it!

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