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Superbowl or CRAPbowl?

If any of you (un-American) people did not watch the superbowl, you can be thankful for two things:

1. You didn’t have to hear Christina Aguliera screw up the national anthem

2. You didn’t have to plug your ears @ the sound of Fergie & the rest of the Black Eyed Peas trying to sing

(for better words…scream every other word into a mic)

No I’m sorry I will not allow a video of their halftime performance on my blog, I can’t do that to my readers, BUT I can let you watch Christina skip a whole line of the national anthem.

(how long have you been performing Xtina?)


At least we can all sleep well knowing that big Ben most likely drank away his Superbowl loss in a club surrounded by teenage girls, and that we HOPEFULLY won’t have to hear any more songs about COLORS. Let’s leave that to Sesame Street boys…

Now we can all focus on BASKETBALL

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