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This video is dedicated to all my fellow gingers out there….stay strong…fight the fight….The rest of the world will be sorry when they see our “ginger powers”


Valentine’s day failures

Valentine’s day has come and past… Valentine scrooges can breathe easier, Lovers can stop pretending and we can all get back to making fun of each other. The world is in order once again.

I’ve never understood why people would want to propose on Valentine’s day…Guess it’s a man’s way of killing two birds with one stone. For some however, a bended knee and a diamond is not enough.

This guy, well…. I’ll just let you watch for yourself .(fast fwd to 1:00 to skip all the bs) Wonder what he’ll do for their anniversary.

Poor girl has to spend her whole life watching him dance

If you were lonely this Valentine’s day, you can be happy you weren’t as desperate as this woman…

If you got a horrible gift this year, be happy your man or girl didn’t shop here…

I wonder if they have a two for one special?

In my opinion, the Asians got it right. They don’t waste their time chasing someone getting their hearts broken. They keep it real…(or unreal) Because we all know sailor moon doesn’t hog the covers

I’ll leave you with this…Valentine’s day is now the farthest holiday away, I shall name this day February 15th “Hate day”. You’ve put up with Valentine’s decorations since January, go out and make fun of something, or yourself for finishing that whole box of candy last night…

Valentine’s Day – Do’s & Don’ts and all the in-between

Well, it’s here again… the day where you either

  • Receive a bouquet of flowers, over-sized stuffed animal, jewelry and chocolates that you don’t need
  • Recognize that your single & drown your sorrows in a bottle of wine and tub of ice cream
  • Go around scowling at all the happy couples walking hand-in-hand
  • Forget to get your valentine a gift, which says (whether it be true or not) ” I was too busy to think about you”

Whatever your Valentine’s day belief is, remember, it’s a day to recognize the people in your life that you love. Love can come in all forms. You can love your valentine, love your parents, love you pet, love your friends, Heck! you can even love your Xbox. Whatever you love, Take the time to let him/her/them/it know. This Valentine’s day, spread the love.

Here are some ideas to help you spread the love in your community:

  • Send love letters- Not just to your sweetie, but to parents, friends & maybe an organization that you respect what its doing for the community.
  • Volunteer @ a soup kitchen or animal shelter- There are plenty of opportunities in every city @
  • Surprise your co-workers with treats – Check out Tenacious Taste for a great Valentine’s chocolate bark that anyone will be sure to fall in love with.

For the lovers out there who are still clueless about what to get your valentine this year, here are some rules to go by.

Fellas, keep in mind that her idea of Valentine’s day is most likely a whole lot different than yours. She dreams of waking up to roses at her door, chocolates and a romantic dinner where a little Italian man is playing the violin all while you stare deeply into her eyes and tell her you love her. While yours may consist of lingerie, basketball and a happy ending.

Agree to disagree. Men, this is the day where you accept your woman’s desire to be wine’d & dined. But ladies, don’t expect too much.

Talk with your valentine first, If your both not rolling in mulah to spend, agree to keep it simple. Or set a price range that either of you aren’t allowed to go over.

Incase you missed that last step, as many couples do, here are some guidelines:

If it’s a new relationship,  whatever you decide to do, keep it simple. If she likes you for who you are and enjoys your company, a hand made card can be the sweetest of all gifts on Valentine’s day.

If this is your 5th Valentine’s day together, lay off the hype. Keep it simple, by this time you should know the ins and outs of your sweetie and not have to prove yourself with the biggest stuffed animal they’ve ever seen.

Whether you’ve been together for a week, or 25 years, it’s all about showing you care. Whether you love them or just enjoy their company, let them know.


“You have to follow the laws like everyone else”…unless your name is Lindsay Lohan

As a long supporter of  Lindsay Lohan’s wild partying ways & crime sprees, I can say Linds didn’t shock me with her non chalant attitude towards the judge on this one. Maybe it’s the blonde making her do dumb things, like steal a necklace while on probation…but hey at least she sent them flowers. Come back to the ginger side Lindsay!

Music MONDAY…a day late; featuring ‘Dutch’

It’s all been decided….roll out the red carpet….
This summer I will be an Intern at Clear Channel!

I’ll be working with a handful of radio stations promoting, programming and partying… (After all the hard work of course). It feels nice to finally see all the hard work of college to finally pay off. Not to mention working with a huge company with some nice perks ahead ( concerts/movie premieres/events ) & it doesn’t hurt my boss is a huge Miami Hurricanes fan.

While I was home I had the chance to watch this up & coming rapper who’s gonna do some big things to the music world.



Meet DUTCH, someone whose love is strong for music: Check him out here, remember where you heard it!

Download his mixtape for FREE @

tweet him @planetdutch tell him where ya heard it!

Superbowl or CRAPbowl?

If any of you (un-American) people did not watch the superbowl, you can be thankful for two things:

1. You didn’t have to hear Christina Aguliera screw up the national anthem

2. You didn’t have to plug your ears @ the sound of Fergie & the rest of the Black Eyed Peas trying to sing

(for better words…scream every other word into a mic)

No I’m sorry I will not allow a video of their halftime performance on my blog, I can’t do that to my readers, BUT I can let you watch Christina skip a whole line of the national anthem.

(how long have you been performing Xtina?)


At least we can all sleep well knowing that big Ben most likely drank away his Superbowl loss in a club surrounded by teenage girls, and that we HOPEFULLY won’t have to hear any more songs about COLORS. Let’s leave that to Sesame Street boys…

Now we can all focus on BASKETBALL

superbowl weekend

If i left my Superbowl pick up to which song was better I think you know who I would pick… Sorry Weezy…

check it out @

Weezy, I think “J byrd” beat ya …


BUT, “Ned” beat both Weezy & Wiz with this little diddy…