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Today is the day. Today is the day….Today is Tuesday?…No no…Today is MY day. There we go… Hello blogging world! Yes, today IS Tuesday and today is MY day… “What for?” You may be asking yourself? Well, to start my blog of course! There is a time & place for EVERYTHING as the Beatles once told us. I have decided to make this day… Blog day.

“If your love is strong” The purpose of this blog is to analyze the journey from college student to career diva and everything in between. The “everything- in- between” is the exciting part. Like an Oreo cookie, stuffed crust, or a freshly baked jelly donut… the “in between” is what keeps you wanting more.

Although; what the heck’s, pull my hair, cry my eyes out, jump for joy, need a drink, are all in my “in between”, I will never stop eating everything that life serves me…and then quickly learning what my stomach can and cannot digest.

Searching, finding, loving, failing @ loving, soul searching & transformation are all on the menu for this girl’s journey into the business world of Public Relations.

with peace & love, change someone’s life today ❤

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